Through a constant improvement process, that consists on studying and testing her ideas, Isabel Moncada has developed in her workshop a production system for her lighting fixture line, which is nurtured by a combination of different crafts and at the same time takes advantage of the latest technologies.

As a complement to her line, Isabel designs and elaborates pieces of greater complexity such as chandeliers and sculptural lighting pieces. These are conceived to establish a dialogue with their surrounding space, taking into account materials, shape and dimensions, as well as to satisfy the aesthetics needs of the client.

— When I conceive and design my chandeliers

I enter this world of fiction, through a process of imagination and depuration I unravel their soul, each one is a creature, much like the basilisk.

Without being figurative, their organic patterns suggest multiple and complex connotations: one could see spiders, antlers, branches, eyes or wings. Granting that these are functional art, these chandeliers are protagonic and have a temperament of their own.

Even though they illuminate their purpose is to shine, even though the space which contains them is static, they are dynamic, a boast of delicate and expressive forms that awaken fascination.